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Our Philosophy.

From concept to construction to creation, we tailor our philosophy to your specific investment goals. Our three pillars at GxG are: buy, design, and build  - this unique offering guarantees our clients an intimate knowledge of the market, advising our client on the best opportunities for you. Whether you're looking to remodel a house, do a ground-up build to live in, redevelop the property to sell, or participate in our project offerings - GxG does it all.


Rachel Gutson is a full-service real estate developer and designer who manages your real estate project from purchase & planning to design & construction execution.  She specializes in investment properties, habitually increasing the owner's ROI by 3X. She also takes on owner-user projects to create beautiful living spaces for you and your family to enjoy. With guidance from project to profit, GxG let's you carry on with your daily responsibilities without adding the stress of managing your real estate project.  

With both a real estate sales license and a contractor's license, she approaches each project from the perspective of a real estate resale value. GxG identifies properties for investment opportunities, executing as the general partner. Our investors receive a guaranteed return, as well as any additional profits from each project.


GxG cultivates long-lasting relationships with our clients while building out their residential portfolio. We look forward to hearing more about your project soon! 

GxG helps you evaluate potential opportunities to get you the most return on investment. Whether it be s single-family residence, duplex, an offering that we identified or anything in between - we will crunch the numbers to make it make sense.

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Whether it's designing a home from scratch or working to remodel an existing space,

GxG achieves a sophisticated and effortless design style at an accessible price, while understanding the demands

of the market.

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GxG builds out your vision. From renovation to ground-up builds, we bring our expertise to the management of the entire process - from start to finish.

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